On 15th Jan2011, VHAG in collaboration with its prestigious CSR partner “Sanofi India Ltd”, a renowned multinational pharmaceutical company ventured on a project of conducting school health camps in and around Verna.

The aim of this project was to reach out and provide early diagnosis and timely care to the children in the schools in Verna and its surrounding areas through direct intervention. This unique project was initiated to evaluate the health of the children, coming from low economic background and vulnerable communities. The social and economic conditions of the parents, force them to pay less attention to the health needs of their children.                                         


 Following activities were carried out for the camps:

  • General check up
  • Dental check up
  • Awareness on dental care and hygiene
  • Eye screening camp


Project Objectives:

  1. Conducting health check up with the help of doctors/paediatrician to check immunization status, nutritional deficiencies, particularly anaemia, personal hygiene, worm infestation, cardiovascular problems, eye sight, Goitre and Thyroid swelling, etc., and assessment of developmental parameters (height, weight, mental development, etc.)
  2. Conducting dental camps and organizing dental counselling
  3. Those children identified with specific conditions needing further tests would be referred to either private laboratories or to Goa Medical College and advised to take the required treatment.

Follow up with the school management/parents about the action taken by the parents of children identified with problems.