VHAG in association with University College, London conducted a longitudinal cohort based follow up study on ‘Risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease’. This was a follow up of a study done in 2004.

Findings: - The majority (83.9%) was from private practitioners. The quality of the layout of prescriptions was unsatisfactory. Thus, information to identify the practitioner was incomplete in more than a third of prescriptions and information to identify the patient was incomplete in more than half. Clarity of written instructions on how to take the medicines was unsatisfactory in the majority of prescriptions. Polypharmacy was the norm with more than half (52.7%) of prescriptions containing at least 3 medicines. 40% of prescriptions included a vitamin or tonic and a quarter included an antibiotic and an analgesic. Over 90% of prescriptions contained only branded medicines. Private practitioners prescribed significantly greater number of medicines, more likely to prescribe vitamins and antibiotics, more likely to use branded medicines.

VHAG is finalizing Prescription Guidelines – has already arranged 2 round table discussions involving